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Awarded and recognized for Judicial Excellence by the Supreme Court in 2003, Mr. Justice Apolinario D. Bruselas, Jr. was a special commercial court judge, 1st Vice-Executive Judge of the Quezon City Regional Trial Court and Executive Vice-President of the Philippine Judges' Association when he was appointed to the Court of Appeals in July of 2005.

He served with distinction for eight years as a trial prosecutor in the Makati special criminal courts, a review prosecutor, and member of several special task forces and committees of the Department of Justice. While a trial court judge, he taught criminal law at UP Law School and lectured at the Philippine Judicial Academy. He served as a member of the technical working group of the Judiciary's Action Program for Judicial Reform. His eight years of exemplary service as a trial judge was recognized by the Judiciary and earned him an award for Judicial Excellence and eventual appointment to the Court of Appeals. He has represented the country in several international conferences and seminars throughout his long career in the bench and the prosecution service.

His earlier years saw him in the private sector as a management trainee in bonds and insurance; as a financial analyst (corporate planning, financial controls and audits) while studying law in the evening. He also worked as a technical assistant to the Vice Governor of Metropolitan Manila, serving concurrently at one time as Acting District Manager. He practiced law upon admission into the bar and was commissioned into the Armed Forces of the Philippines pursuant to a scholarship contract. He saw active military duty and served as a regular officer of the AFP assigned to the Judge Advocate General Service with various postings, the last one being with the Office of the Presidential Assistant for Military Affairs under then President Corazon C. Aquino, until his transfer to the civil prosecution service

Mr. Justice Apolinario D. Bruselas, Jr. obtained his economics and law degrees from the University of the Philippines (UP) whereat he resumed law teaching in 2011. He had trainings, locally and abroad, the most recent one being from Harvard Law School's Negotiation Institute. He hails from Tabaco, Albay. He is married to Marie Angela P.M. Bruselas with whom he has three children

Justice Bruselas has a wealth of experience honed by 31 years of law practice. He is a senior member of the court, a member of the Internal Rules Committee and Chairman of the Computerization Committee. He is also with the Philippine Judicial Academy's (PHILJA) Corps of Professors, Department of Ethics and Judicial Conduct. He sits as a member of the Supreme Court's Sub-Committee on Commercial Courts as well as of the Computerization and Library Committee whereat he chairs the sub-con on Technical Governance that oversees the Judiciary's e-Courts Project. Justice Bruselas served as Bar Examiner twice; in 2010 on Criminal Law and in 2013 on Remedial Law

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