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Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Greater Heights: CA - Cebu Station 2008 Vision

By Marie A. Peque and Kristine Joy N. Puracan

2008 is a remarkable year for the Court of Appeals-Cebu Station where not only is it emerging victorious amidst challenges, but it also is strengthening its core values of moral and legal justice, efficient public service, solid teamwork and camaraderie among employees.

Though the revelry of 2007 was almost difficult to top off especially with the unimaginable success and picture perfect moments of the year that was, the start of 2008 rejuvenated the desire of the court to pursue greater goals that turning a new leaf and moving forward was the best option. For the New Year, the new executive Justice Antonio L. Villamor created a vision for a stronger and well-rounded Cebu Station where justice and fun do not remain a stigmatic oxymoron. Such vision made the Cebu Station abuzz with a kaleidoscope of activities such as the Court’s Palarong Pinoy, 2nd Teambuilding Activity, Sports Fest, CACEMPCO Day and the CAVEA Board of Directors’ and Officers’ Induction-all of which happened in just the first half of the year.


The inner child of CA employees was unleashed and their patriotic spirits were rekindled as the Court held Pinoy Games at the CA Grounds last June 6, 2008. As a prelude to the planned Teambuilding Activity, CA-Cebu Station frolicked in the midday sun. Kicking off with the cheering from the Blue, White and Red Teams, the festivities climaxed with the Palayok hitting contest, “The Singing Me” where torotots were used in lieu of buzzers, the CA-Cebu’s version of Hep Hep Hooray, the Ola Chico Chicka! Where participants became instant cross dressers, and the gravity defying Pabitin.


With summer almost over, CA-Cebu caught up with the summer fever by celebrating the annual Teambuilding Activity at the paradise-like Alegrado Island, Maribago Blue Water Beach Resort in Mactan Island, Cebu. The event was all about unadulterated fun under the summer sun with a “no holds barred” friendly competition, hearty laughter, sumptuous luncheon, exhilarating boat rides and a seemingly endless karaoke session made even more worthwhile by the island’s panoramic view of the famous Cebu shores – a perfect set back from the monotony of the four corners of the CA offices. Justice Amy Lazaro-Javier declared the teambuilding activity, “ a day of equals” where there were no justices, no lawyers and no ordinary employees. She asserted that she was to be call Amy, Executive Justice Villamor as Tony, Justice Priscilla Baltazar-Padilla as Precy, and Justice Florito Macalino as Flong. Precy opened the teambuilding activity. Amy in her inspirational talk, encouraged every employee to create a more united Court of Appeals and to have fun while being in the public service. Flong in his apt for fun and laid back get-up, added flair to the affair while Trix (Clerk of Court Atty. Teresita R. Marigomen) elicited smiles from the crowd by her surprise appearance at the said activity.

Another cheering competition raged among teams. The White team wowed the crowd with their pompoms and dance moves; the Blue team sent ripple of oohhs and aahhs with their choreography and ala Stomp the Yard rendition; and the Red team was in battle mode with their “awuh!” chant. Just before lunch, an It’s a Date contest was held where Ms. Searcher Marichu Agura (from the 18th DCC) chose her date among five secret male searchers by asking thought- provoking questions and consequences. Carrying a bouquet of red roses, Mr. Kenneth Gareza won only the heart of Ms. Agura but also the approval of the crowd.

Laughter, sand, water and sun filled the afternoon, where game masters Atty. Lloyd Vergara and Atty. Adeth Bisoc led the crowd into a frenzy of games and friendly rivalry. Teamwork and unity were tested in the 10-man sack race. Perseverance and strategy were poked in the Kerring Carry game. Communication and patience were tried in the Blind Adventures where contestants had to go through a maze of obstacles while blindfolded. And physical prowess and agility were showcased in the Chicken Chase.

The event ended with the awarding of the winners of the games and the winners of Sports fest which was held weeks before the Teambuilding Activity where, with the leadership of Acting Assistant Clerk of Court Atty. Joseph Stephen A. Ygnacio and Mr. Ariel Atibula, Court employees met Friday afternoons prior to the Teambuilding Day to compete in Chess, Darts, Badminton and Basketball.


Motivated by the outstanding success of the Sports fest activity, Executive Justice Villamor, with the desire to foster even more the bond and the holistic development of CA-Cebu’s personnel, declared it a tradition to hold sports activities at the CA premises every Friday afternoon including a belly dancing class for non-sport enthusiast to be held as an alternative physical activity, for women. The Friday sports tradition had its opening salvo last August 8, 2008 where the newly formed dance troupe, the “CA All Stars” danced to the tune of “Low” and special guest, Honey, gave out a mesmerizing belly dance number to encourage everyone to participate in the said activities.


An addition to the laurels of the Court of Appeals Cebu is the establishment of employee organizations such as the Court of Appeals Employees’ Multipurpose Cooperative (CACEMPCO) and the Court of Appeals Visayas Employees Association (CAVEA), which is under the umbrella of Manila based Association of Court of Appeals Employees (ACAE). These organizations are manifestations that indeed the Court of Appeals Cebu Station is an employee oriented institution. The CACEMPCO has over 100 members and its number is growing. Its First Coop Day last April 12, 2008 at the Portofino Beach Resort was a celebration of its humble yet successful beginnings. CAVEA, on the other hand, was formally established last April 30, 2008 upon the ratification of majority of bona fide Court of Appeals Cebu employees of the proposed CAVEA By-Laws. Executive Justice Villamor formally inducted the officers led by elected President Mr. Amiel C. De Vera and the Board of Directors last May 15, 2008 at the CA Hearing Room.

Another quarter is yet to be conquered before 2008 ends but the Court of Appeals-Cebu Station is continuously surpassing conventions and is preparing for another set of events – its Anniversary this October, its annual year ender Christmas Party and other employee development activities. Unscathed by the unsuccessful and gauche attempts to poison the station and the whole of the judiciary, the Cebu station is bent on nurturing and adding to its time acquired strengths of integrity, unity and industry which have all worked out to overcome past trials by holding more employee empowering seminars. Talks on etiquette, decorum, customer service, wellness and finances will be held before the year ends in concurrence with the recent program on Moral Recovery of the Judiciary affirmed by all Justices in the Covenant they signed into and supported by all employees of the Court of Appeals.


From the day of its inception, the Court of Appeals-Cebu Station had never looked back and has progressed into an above-par justice dispensing Appellate Court. From October 4, 2004 to July 2008, the station has disposed of a total of 8,133 cases and as of July 2008, there were only 480 cases submitted for decision. The considerable reduction of backlog of cases submitted for decision proves the station’s commitment to the expeditious dispensation of justice concretized by unwavering hardwork and dedication. Truly, the decentralization of the operations of the Court of Appeals which consequently created the CA-Cebu Station has not only resulted in greater accessibility of justice but also the exemplification of quality and selfless service by a greater number of public servants.

Indeed, the Court of Appeals-Cebu Station has stood the test of time and it shall continually overcome storms while conquering miles. Guided by the ardent desire to serve with honor and dignity, it shall transcend the mires of intrigues and come out victorious by keeping focused on its mission to dispense justice swift and real. It shall continue to improve its already distinguished track record and enhance its courageous and honest disposal of duties and responsibilities ordained by legal and moral laws. Surely, Appellate Court justice is on its way to greater heights with the stronger and united effort of the whole Court of Appeals, spearheaded by CA Manila and the equal passion and dedication of CA-Cebu and Cagayan de Oro.

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