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CAPSA Covenant

We, the officers and members of the Court of Appeals Stenographersí Association, support the resolve of the Justices of the Court of Appeals to rise to the challenge of public opinion, and continue in their solemn duty of dispensing justice with honor, independence, impartiality and integrity.

We shall strive to keep the dignity of the Court by doing our work with excellence. Simple though our tasks may be, they form the structure through which the magistrates of this Court perform their noble work. By doing our work thoughtfully and carefully, we can help our Honorable Justices adhere to the lofty standards that they are sworn to uphold.

We resolve to turn away from all acts and practices that might sully the good reputation and independence of the Court of Appeals. As permanent employees of this Court, our loyalty lies primarily with this institution. We vow to always place its interests first and not do anything that might undermine its good name. By our prudent actions, we shall defend this institution from even the slightest suspicion of impropriety or irregularity.

Finally, as civil servants, we affirm our commitment to live simply and honestly. We take to heart the lesson that the beloved father of our Honorable Presiding Justice Conrado M. Vasquez, Jr. taught him: to strive to resist the temptations of corruption by living within our means. We shall turn away from the glitter of gold, and instead focus on the good things that make this life satisfying: a fair dayís wage for a fair dayís work, and the knowledge that we have provided for the needs of our families through honest means.

In time, this too, shall pass. Through our concerted effort and with the passage of time, we will be able to eventually turn the tide of public opinion back in our favor. Indeed, we shall overcome. However, that is not our only goal. Long after the accusations against this honorable institution are forgotten, we shall continue to work hard to preserve its dignity and reputation, for we are the caretakers of this Court.

With our every professional and courteous act, every piece of excellent work that leaves our hands, everyday that we come to work on time and proudly wear our uniforms and identification cards, we send out the unmistakable message that we find dignity and satisfaction in working for the Court of Appeals, for our work finds meaning in serving its noble purpose.

Thus, our mission is as clear as it is simple. We vow to work honestly and to love our work. In our own little way, we shall protect this beloved institution not only for our sake, but also for the sake of all the future generations of civil servants who will work here. We shall do all that we can to ensure that decency, honesty and morality will reign supreme within the walls of this Court for this is what defines us as human beings. We want to be able to hold our heads up and look at people in the eye when we say that we work in the Court of Appeals.

We hope to achieve all these with Godís help and for Godís greater glory.

18 September 2008. Manila, Philippines.

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