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Know Your Troubleshooters

By Mr. Gene R. Rebeta

Are your toilets clogged or do your faucets leak? Who you gonna call? Of course, the troubleshooters, the people at the Maintenance Section. From the leaking roofs down to the scattered leaves, it is the Maintenance Section that goes to the realm and handles the menace.

The Maintenance Section which is under the General Services Division, is now composed of 50 employees, 39 of which are in Manila, 8 are stationed in Cebu City while the other 3 are in Cagayan de Oro City.

In Manila the Section is divided into several units, namely: the Carpentry Unit, the Masonry Unit, the Electrical Unit, the Plumbing Unit and the Electronic and Communications Unit.

The Maintenance Section is responsible for repairs and upkeep of all the buildings and equipment with the exception of the computers and all its appurtenants that are handled by the Management Systems Information Division. The Section was ably handled by Mr. Gene Rebeta and assisted by Ms. Esther Florence Aperocho. With the promotion of Mr. Rebeta as Assistant Chief of the General Services Division, Mr. Eric Cuasay took over and is now the Chief of Section.

Working as a component of the Maintenance Section is a menial job for some because often times you see them in soiled clothes, with dirty hands and faces. But it is actually a tough job. Performing manual job is difficult. Yet, no matter how hard their tasks are, we see them smiling and joking with one another and with other employees as well.

Thanks to the CA justices and employees who are “mabait”. Their continued kindness, understanding and sympathy in times of need to us staff of the Maintenance Section serve as our inspiration to improve our skills and performance for a better service.

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