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CA-Cebu Station Hails New E.J.

Observing strict seniority among the CA Justices, the reorganization of the entire Court of Appeals took effect on March 19, 2008. This resulted in the transfer of two (2) Chairmen from CA Cebu and one (1) Chairman from CA Cagayan de Oro to CA Manila.

Consequently, Associate Justice Isaias P. Dicdican and Associate Justice Pampio A. Abarintos, erstwhile Chairmen of the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Divisions of the CA Cebu Station respectively, bid farewell to the CA Cebu Station. Highly esteemed for their judicial acumen and prodigious dedication to public service, Justice Dicdican is now the Senior Member of the Twelfth Division; while Justice Abarintos, the Junior Member of the First Division.

Furthermore, via the same reorganization, Associate Justice Antonio L. Villamor was named the new Executive Justice for the CA Cebu Station. The appointment was a most welcome event for CA Cebu which had been without an Executive Justice for eight lengthy months since the retirement of former Executive Justice Arsenio J. Magpale last July 2007.

When he was appointed as Associate Justice of the Court of Appeals on May 31, 2006, Executive Justice Villamor was first assigned to CA Cagayan before transferring to CA Cebu on September 2006. To date, he is the third Executive Justice to hold the reins of the Cebu appellate court. Aside from being the most Senior of all the Justices in CA Cebu, Justice Villamorís firm hand in administration and management made him the most logical choice for the position.

During the flag ceremony held on April 28, 2008, Executive Justice Villamor revealed how unexpected his appointment was. Believing all the while that he was the one to be transferred in the reorganization, he disclosed that he had already packed his bags, ready to leave for Manila to join his family based there. However, unforeseen his appointment may be, he accepted it with all sincerity and commitment. In his short speech, he encouraged all the CA Justices and employees to continue working diligently to sustain and enhance the goodwill and strong performance of the Cebu Station in terms of fair and speedy disposition of judicial business.

Since CA Cebu opened its doors to the public in October 2004 until April 2008, it had expeditiously disposed of 7,748 cases.

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