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It's All About Love

By Anna Patricia R. del Castillo

Love is celebrated on February 14, Valentine’s Day. A lot of preparation goes into the celebration of Valentine. Normally, the man prepares a romantic dinner for his “valentine” and gives notes or cards, chocolates, flowers or jewelry. But Valentine’s Day is a cause for celebration of all forms of love, whether romantic, erotic, platonic, or the love for a friend or family member. Historically, the authorities are of a consensus that the word “Valentine” comes from two Saints both named Valentine. But the genesis of Valentine as a day for commemorating love only came about in the middle ages when the poet Geoffrey Chaucer popularized its usage among the fashionable set in court.

Valentine’s Day is a major holiday for gift-giving and celebration. But what is the perfect way to surprise your valentine? We’ve come up with a list of Valentine’s Day Gift ideas to make Valentine’s Day the most memorable day for you and your loved one.

Here are 35 Gift Ideas:

1. Give a Valentine love letter or a card with a romantic poem or note;

2. Give candy, chocolates, cookies, cake or brownies;

3. Give flowers;

4. Give balloons;

5. Give jewelry;

6. Give lingerie;

7. Have a romantic home-cooked dinner, or reserve a place at the current place to be, like Serendra’s or a hotel. The Sofitel, formerly the Westin has a perfect view of the Manila Bay if you’re looking for those extra “pogi” points… The food at the Spirals isn’t so bad either;

8. Give a gift certificate to a spa, nail or beauty salon or go together, have a relaxing massage, or face and body treatment…;

9. Give a good book. Throw in that extra precious bookmark, bookstand or booklight;

10. Make a scrapbook or a photo collage;

11. Give a magazine subscription;

12. Go to a comedy club;

13. Go on a balloon ride in Clark Air Base and show your valentine a whole new world…;

14. For more excitement, why not try Speedzone near Market! Market! And race each other around the tracks on go carts!…;

15. Go to Subic and pet dolphins at the Ocean Adventure or check out the other animals at the Zoobic Safari!;

16. Watch “Wanders” at the Pagcor Building;

17. Go on a romantic vacation like a trip to Puerto Gallera or Palawan;

18. Check out the guaranteed more romantic air at Tagaytay or Baguio;

19. Try out pottery making at Glorietta 4 ala “Ghost”!;

20. Go to Enchanted Kingdom, or Star City!;

21. Serenade your Valentine with a song number or a personalized CD of your favorite songs;

22. Give your Valentine a break by helping her with work or chores around the house;

23. Go ice skating;

24. Make a home-cooked meal or bake a cake;

25. Give a pet, like a Siberian husky or a goldfish;

26. Give a gift certificate and sponsor a major shopping spree;

27. Splurge a little and check out vacation sites in Asia like Macau, or Bali;

28. Make a short video or an MTV of you two;

29. Get matching tattoos and prove love is forever!;

30. Get a helicopter tour of the city;

31. Give an expensive gift like a Nintendo Wii or an iPhone;

32. Make breakfast in bed, and squeeze fresh orange juice to top it off (unless you decide to go with the champagne and caviar route for breakfast);

33. Watch a basketball game, a concert or a movie together…;

34. Go hiking in Sagada; and -

35. Have t-shirts, cards, calendars, key chains, mugs or cakes with your pictures made (only for the courageous!).

With these sweet tokens of your love and affection, your Valentine will certainly feel special on Valentine’s Day. It really doesn’t have to be expensive or out of this world for your Valentine to be the most memorable or romantic one ever. It just has to be well thought of and sincere. So remember, February 14 is a special day for all lovers. Make sure you make your loved one feel like there’s no one else in the world.

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