Today is Sunday, September 23, 2018

A message from the PJ

It is with great honor that I congratulate all my Court kapamilya on the occasion of our 72nd Anniversary.

I can still recall my first encounter with the Court of Appeals as a practicing lawyer. I had to walk the stairs and never took the elevator out of respect to the Justices using it.  Even upon the appointment of my Tatay Dadoy to the Court in 1973, I carried that reverence to the magistrates that I still used the stairs going to Tatay’s office in the 4th floor of the Main Building.  In 1994, I was privileged and honored to be appointed as an Associate Justice of the Court, together with 8 others fondly called, “The Cloud 9”. The respect I held for the office carried on, constantly reminding me of my commitment to administer justice impartially, effectively and worthy of public trust and confidence.

As a member of the Court, I was made aware of the many problems it was facing. Upon my assumption as Acting Presiding Justice, I had the first taste of a major hurdle regarding the Main Building that was recently hit by fire. I saw its rubbles and how it affected my colleagues having to inconveniently occupy rooms and even share chambers with other justices, as well as equipments.

Upon my recent appointment as Presiding Justice of the Court, however, I was greatly overwhelmed when my fellow Justices, department heads and a great number of the rank-and-file employees of the Court came over to my office to congratulate me and pledge their support. The one consistent message conveyed by everybody was that they are ready to work with me to better improve the Court, “its image, its efficiency and its transparency”.

That was all that any Presiding Justice needed. With such support from all of you, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. No task is particularly hard if done with total, sincere cooperation. Together Everyone Achieves More, this is what TEAM stands for. Let us always be reminded: We are a team, we are a family and this is our Court.

Mabuhay, mga kapamilya!

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