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Celebrating 2007 & Moving Forward to 2008 / The Court of Appeals - Cebu Station

By J. Pampio A. Abarintos

On December 12, 2007, Christmas knocked on the doors of CA Cebu Station. Albeit quite early, the Cebu Station celebrated its Christmas Party themed “One Mind, One Voice, One Heart.”

To bless the occasion, a holy mass was celebrated at 3:30 p.m. After which, an early dinner followed where the Children’s Joy Foundation serenaded the crowd with melodious Christmas carols. Then came the programme. Everybody could feel the highly charged atmosphere, as the party was one of the best-attended and well-participated Christmas parties of the Statino.

Competing for the first prize of PhP4,000.00, the best from the JRD, Administrative Unit, Eighteenth Division and its DCC, Nineteenth Division and its DCC, and Twentieth Division and its DCC, showed off their talents and wowed the crowd with panache. Among the five contenders, the Nineteenth Division bagged the prize. Their number consisted of native dance sequences from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao, representing the three Stations of the Court of Appeals. In the end, all the dances beautifully merged to show unity of one integrated Court of Appeals, in the celebration of Christmas.

The games were very competitive as well, but the raffle was quite everyone’s treat! Not one employee went home empty-handed that night, as there were prizes for all, ranging from a dozen sardines, to electric irons, to beauty products, to thermos jugs, to crocs shoes, to electric fans, DVD players and other home and kitchen appliances to the hotly coveted grand prize of one WOW Magic Sing!

In fine, it truly was an enjoyable and memorable affair. Aside from reveling in holiday cheers, it was also a rather perfect way to rejoice in the achievements of year 2007. Like the years before, 2007 was a hardworking and fruitful year for the Cebu Station. Since its inception in September 2004 up to October of 2007, the Station had expeditiously disposed of a total of 6,988 cases, shattering the age-old prejudice of lethargy of the courts.

Moving forward to year 2008, the bounded task of dispensing swift and speedy justice in the Visayas all the more becomes the ultimate mission.  Inspired by an encouraging track record, powered by a sincere passion for law and equity, and guided by lessons of the past years, the CA Cebu Station fearlessly forges on to discharge its ordained duties and responsibilities in the preservation and enhancement of appellate court justice. Together with CA Cagayan de Oro and headed by CA Manila, the intangible rewards of earnest public service and the vision of a better and stronger Court of Appeals are slowly, but surely, coming to fruition.

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