Today is Monday, July 23, 2018

CA's Neighbors

By Persel G. Esman

Words without action is mere lip service. Having this in mind, Justice Mar del Castillo tried to help “our neighbors” languishing around the CA premises.

We got in touch with the DSWD, Paco, Manila, which in turn directed the Reception Action Center (RAC) to rescue the woman and her three children. (They are the same family who were featured in the last issue of the CA Journal.) The good social workers from RAC picked the whole family up and, being residents of Caloocan City, were endorsed/referred to the DSWD of said city.

We felt good for helping the destitute family. This feeling, however, turned out to be short lived because few weeks after our humanitarian deed, we saw the very same family we helped, back on the streets! Although this time, they no longer roam outside the CA premises but outside the premises of PHILAM LIFE!

Confused, we called the DSWD to verify the whereabouts of “our neighbors”. We were informed that they were able to “rescue” the family but released them since they have a house of their own in Caloocan City. Still, we asked the DSWD to again rescue the family and help them in any way it can.

Our wish was granted. The family was again rescued for the nth time. Unfortunately, the same thing happened…

There are times when in our desire to reach out and help others, we will be disheartened by the reality that these people are simply not prepared for a change towards a better and dignified life. At least, we have done our part.

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