Today is Monday, May 21, 2018

The Spirit of Christmas ...

By Joan Tañada

Sometime in August when I was in a mall shopping during a sale season, I heard a Christmas carol playing. When you hear a Christmas jingle especially when you are in a mall, you get a feeling of intense happiness which makes a person smile. I thought of my inaanaks, nieces and nephews as Christmas they say is a day for children. As much as possible, you want to make them happy by giving them gifts. Now that we are in the middle of the “ber” months and December is fast approaching, I started thinking of gifts to give them. I told to myself I’ll start making a list. Then suddenly, something else came to my mind. “Eh, sino ba ang may birthday ng Christmas?” Do you have a gift for HIM?” I stopped for a while and think. What can be the best gift I can offer to JESUS CHRIST? What will make HIM happy? Everyday, I always thank HIM for loving me that is why I try to make myself a better person. Well, that is what I keep on praying for and I always keep that in mind reminding myself in times of temptation. Gosh! Why is it so hard to change for the better and so easy to make mistakes? Life is like a room. It’s like madaling manggulo ng kwarto, matagal ayusin. But you know when I finished cleaning my room and I see the result hmmm… I feel enthusiastic about it. It’s like everything in it smiles with me. My world is in order and I have peace within me. Maybe the things around me are like the saints and the angels. They are happy when they know you try to be a better person.  Another thing that I can do is to share my blessings. My dad always tells us “what you don’t need, share it with others.” Every year, I send a box of used clothes, shoes, etc. to a family I’ve known in my province. This time since we have our bonuses, I’ll add some groceries for them for their noche bwena. I know even in a little way I made them happy. Lastly and definitely not the least is forgiveness. As we journey through life, we encounter people in situations that one way or the other, have offended us. Why not I pray for those people who hurt me and offer it to God as Christmas is giving, sharing and forgiving? Throw all your negative feelings aside, it will only add a wrinkle or two in your face. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESUS! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

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