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Christmas in CA Cagayan de Oro City

By Atty. Samson Ariel

I WOKE UP one September morning, bended over, both hands clinched between my knees. I slackly got off my bed to gear up for my long day’s work.. I looked out the window and felt the cool breeze on my face. Christmas is in the air.

I’m still feeling the nostalgia of the last Christmas in Cagayan de Oro City. It was like waking up from a long slumber after Christmas Eve, and opening your eyes to another Christmas day again. Yet, this memory of my last year’s Christmas has fraught my senses with mixed feelings of delight and yearning for this year’s mark of festivity. Christmas season is preceded by glimmering lights and caroling. People from all walks loom in malls and baratillos to avail of the season’s discount sales and freebies. Everyone has a fair share of Christmas fever.

This City is likened to the busiest cities in the Philippines yet glazed with the modest attribute of Kagayanon style. Everyone has to keep up with the rush and bustles of early day’s work and crave the late night’s gimmicks. Night markets and café’s are not the last in the line of common places to hang-out.

What is Christmas like in Cagayan de Oro City? I have asked this question to Kagayanons, and they replied seemingly in one tune – Christmas here is so unlike anywhere.

To Ms. Marjatta S. Sampollo, Christmas in Cagayan de Oro City is about glitters and colors adorning landmarks, malls, houses and streets. People attend the Misa de Gallo to commemorate the birth of Jesus. She observes our underprivileged brothers and sisters, mushrooming on the streets knocking on everyone’s heart for sympathy and generosity. Atty. Felwina Opiso joined to say that Christmas in the City is colorful and people from hinterlands flock to the streets caroling.

The staff of Justice Rodrigo Lim remarked that parks are filled with lights and families who spend quality time together with children playing around. Christmas tree and Belen making contests are peculiarly held at Gaston Park where guests and spectators alike are beguiled. Family gathering and simbang gabi summed the year’s Christmas celebration, according to the staff of Justice Camello.

For Atty. Edwardsam Eullaran, churches are jam packed during dawn masses and there is scarcity of lechon manok during Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Atty. Tristram Tenebro recalls Christmas lights and decoration contests, dawn masses, nightly caroling, firecrackers and outreach programs.

To some, it is the time when we commemorate the birth of our Savior, the birth of new hope and the promise of redemption. In the spirit of giving, it is an opportunity for us to give and share our blessings to the less fortunate. Every Christmas hallmarks the season of giving, sharing, hope and peace. There is no formula or yardstick to celebrate it distinctly, but here in Cagayan de Oro, we celebrate the spirit like there is no other!

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