Today is Monday, May 21, 2018

Fire Out

By Cheryl Joy D. Dean

Right after the July 26, 2007 fire that razed the Court of Appeals’ Main Building, “rumors” or “intriguing” speculations spread like “wildfire” as to how and why the fire started. Well, as they say, that’s human nature.

Fortunately, according to the Final Investigation Report issued by the Inter Agency Anti-Arson Task Force, the fire probably started from sparks that came from a loose energized electrical wiring connection of a fluorescent lamp which hangs directly above the desk of Justice Edgardo F. Sundiam. Thus, the sparks or arcs coming from said lamp ignited combustible materials below. The fire even grew bigger as droppings (burning pieces) landed on top of the wooden desk of Justice Sundiam.

This finding is based on Sworn Statements of several witnesses, Fire Safety Inspection Certificate, and NBI Forensic Laboratory and Electrical Results.

Hopefully, the Final Investigation Report will douse off speculations as to what caused the fire.

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