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January 2018
December 2016 - June 2017
     The Court of Appeals Journal Mid-Year Report [filesize: 35.23 MB]
February 2016
     Court of Appeals Journal Special Anniversary Issue [filesize: 16.23 MB]
December 2015
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 23.46 MB]
August - September 2015
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 10.4 MB]
April - July 2015
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 19.26 MB]
January - March 2015
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 8.91 MB]
January 2013 - December 2014
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 4.11 MB]
June 2014
     Cases for Disposal - List 1 [filesize: 430.08 KB]
     Cases for Disposal - List 4 [filesize: 1.13 MB]
     Cases for Disposal - List 2 [filesize: 532.48 KB]
     Cases for Disposal - List 3 [filesize: 819.2 KB]
April 2012
     Comment (4/30/12) of J. Noel G. Tijam on Phil. Daily Inquirer's "Is CA on the side of the Criminals"
January - April 2011
     The Court of Appeals Journal [filesize: 11.18 MB]
October 2010
     June - December 2010 Issue. Click here to download file. [filesize: 2.54 MB]
May - July 2009
     Click here to download the pdf file (filesize: 10.9 MB)
February - April 2009
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October - December 2008
     Quo Vadis Court of Appeals?
     PJ's Message
     We Are What We Do
     If Cases Are Filed: The Role Of The Judiciary In Biodiversity Conservation
     WRIT OF AMPARO: A View from the Bench
     Editor's Note
     Problems In Investigating And Prosecuting Cases Of Extralegal Killings And Enforced Disappearances*
     Musings On Appellate Decision-Writing
     Building And Maintaining Integrity
     Our Hearts Grieve But We Shall Arise
     Salary Increases Of CA Justices To Be Deducted From Their SAJ
     Experiencing The Bar A Second Time
     Essence Of Justice For The Marginalized
     Republic of the Philippines Court of Appeals Manila Covenant
     CAPSA Covenant
     CA-One Stop Shop Opens
     New Appointee
     The People's Courts*
     Isang Taon, Pagbabalik-Tanaw
     Revisiting "ISLAW"
     Fine, An Alternative Preference Over Imprisonment In Libel
     The Divisions of the Court of Appeals
     View From ARCAJI ...
     eternal evanescence
     Overcoming Challenges and Achieving Greater Heights: CA - Cebu Station 2008 Vision
     Signing the Covenant at the Mindanao Station
     101 and Counting
     Learning to Live After the Loss of An Only Daughter
     The 2008 CA Basketball Tournament
June - August 2008
     Three Justices Retire
     PJ's Message
     Labor Day
     Women Empowerment
     Recent Amendments on Injunction
     Two New Faces in the Court of Appeals
     Meet CA's New Assistant Clerk of Court
     The Lawyer's Oath
     On the Origins of Human Societies: Emerging from the Cradle of Pre-History
     Where Are They Now?
     CA Baguio Session
     You Can Tell the Lawyers*
     Ten CA Employees Passed the 2008 Bar Examinations
     Gender Equality As Human Right
     Memoirs of an Accidental Tourist
     The Accidental Lawyer
     In Memoriam
     CA-Mindanao Aims for Green Courthouse
     Court of Appeals Mindanao Station's New Home
     CA-Cebu Station Hails New E.J.
     The JRD - In Focus
     Know Your Troubleshooters
     Criticism - Boon or Bane?
     Computer Seminar, anyone?
     JGC: Swinging the Summer Heat Away
February - March 2008
     Justice Vasquez is the New PJ
     A message from the PJ
     Moving Forward with Unity at 72
     PJ Conrado M. Vasquez, Jr., "Papa Choy" to Us
     Paskong Kay Saya sa CA: 2007 Christmas Celebration
     Tiangge sa CA
     Reflections on "Reasonable Promptness" In Disposition of Cases
     Consumer Protection: Beyond Lip Service
     A Perspective of Security vs. Liberty
     Ordinary Appeal is Foreclosed in Presumptive Death Cases
     Let's Volt In
     Six Justices Bow Out
     Two New Faces in the Court of Appeals
     ARCAJI Proposes Amendments to Retirement Law for Justices
     Celebrating 2007 & Moving Forward to 2008 / The Court of Appeals - Cebu Station
     CA-Mindanao Grows CAMATIS
     Right and Righteous Justice
     The Trouble with Justices
     Prayer - Its Power in the Dispensation of Justice
     It's All About Love
     It Can't Be Just the Rollos Alone
November-December 2007
     Merry Christmas and A Blessed New Year
     CA Elects New Clerk of Court
     Choices, Choices
     Culture of Delay
     To Inhibit Or Not To Inhibit
     Judiciary Media Relations: Some Suggestions
     Meet The Newly Appointed Justices
     CA's Neighbors
     Human Security Act of 2007: A Review
     Fire Out
     CA One-Stop Processing Center
     The Accounting Division
     Opening Remarks on Lecture Forum on the Rule on the Writ of Amparo
     Respect for the Rights of Others
     IBP's Testimonial in Honor of SC Justice Ruben T. Reyes
     Stephen Hawking And The Beginning Of The Universe:
     Christmas Is A State Of Mind
     Christmas in CA Cagayan de Oro City
     The Spirit of Christmas ...
     Judicial Legislation: Dissected
     Power of NLRC to Reduce Appeal Bond
     Justice - Its Meaning and Importance
     The Trouble With Lawyers
     Le Coeur / The Heart
     My Memories of Christmas
August-September 2007
     PJ Reyes Appointed to the High Court
     Fire Razed CA Main Building
     Being A Brother's Keeper
     SC Designates Specific Divisions of the CA to Handle Terrorism Cases
     Thoughts on Extrajudicial Killings and Unexplained Disappearances
     Extra-Judicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances: Where Do We Go From Here?
     The View From The Mountaintop
     Judicial Independence: A Fact or Myth?
     Tempus Fugit
     Four Alternative Modes of Reorganizing the CA
     Aiming Properly
     Judiciary Under Attack
     A Report on the Proposed New Performance Management System for the Judiciary
     Derivative Suits: Nature and Function
     New Set of ARCAJI Officers Inducted
     Meet Your New ACAE Officers (2007-2010)
     CA Fire Brought A Personal Miracle
     A Friendly Division For All CA Employees
     The Raffle Committee Staff
     Giving and Receiving
     An Enriching Experience In Haggai Institute
May 2007
     Honorary Doctorate for PJ
     Justice Renato C. Dacudao Bids Farewell June 19
     Justices and Judges Attend Hague Training
     CA One-Stop Processing Center
     All Wired Up
     Confirming Beauty
     CA Cebu Holds Team-Building Seminar
     Baguio Blitz
     15 CA Employees Hurdled the 2006 Bar Examinations
     The First 30 Years of Spanish Rule in the Phil - Establishing the Legal Framework on Colonization
     Fighting the Judiciary's Big 'C'
     A Pro-Poor Judiciary
     The Court of Appeals Chorale
     Stress Management, etc.
     A Farewell to a Vanishing Breed
     Eulogy for Justice Roberto A. Barrios
     Honoring A Colleague Justice Salvador J. Valdez, Jr.
     Court Attorneys Appointed to the Bench
     GMA Cares
     71st Court of Appeals Foundation Anniversary - Golf Invitational Tournament
February 2007
     The Court of Appeals Cebu Station - Two Years and Counting
     CA-Mindanao Beats the Odd in its 2nd Anniversary
     CA Vision Marker to be Installed
     Towards the Vision: Reforming Approaches, Enhancing Performance
February 2006 (Yearbook)
     Visioning for the Court of Appeals
     A History of the Court of Appeals
     A Homage to Six Illustrious Alumni who became Chief Magistrates of the Land
September 2005
     Mediation - An on-going concern in CA
     Alternative Dispute Resolution
February 2001 (Yearbook)
     Roster of Justices
     Justices Elevated to the Supreme Court
     Presiding Justices of the Court of Appeals
     Achievement Awards
     Lady Justices of the Court of Appeals

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